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In the process of designing promotional and marketing aids and other types of printed documentation, often the need arises to have them in different languages, most commonly in English and Nepali. For example, bank annual reports, where it is necessary to have them in the two languages. In the same way, many educative and informational materials also need to be in more than one language alone in order to reach a wider audience. We offer excellent translation services in addition to other services.


Professional copywriting is a creative process that results in text that captures attention, piques curiosity and creates favourable emotional response whilst being informative and easily understandable. Original slogans are the most important part of copywriting because they are vital for the establishment of a brand and can also be a source of staff motivation. A slogan has to be catchy and relevant.


Expert proofreading services are a necessity since it ensures smoothness in presentation and assures that the reader finds himself at ease while going through the text matter. In the process, the message that your company is trying to convey has a greater chance of being read and absorbed by your customer. Many a presentation has been destroyed by bad, or in some cases, no proofreading at all.


This is another area where an expert’s abilities should be taken advantage of. Expertly edited presentations/copy have that subtle appearance that one may not be able to pinpoint exactly, but nevertheless, makes the whole much more presentable and attractive to look at and to read. Editing requires considerable experience and a mastery over words and language.

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