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Commercial Photography

Commercial photography remains the most important part of any advertising medium. It requires the exploration of different means and methods and a great deal of imagination and skill to come up with eye catching photographs that are both picturesque and relevant to the subject in question.

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Portraiture Photography

It requires expertise and experience to produce outstanding portraits. A good photographic portrait means a good quality image that captures the subject's physical likeness in a flattering manner. In addition, the portrait should convey the unique character of the person. It requires professionalism and understanding of human nature in a photographer to bring out a relative stranger's true personality.

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Fashion Photography

In general, fashion photography's main objective is to highlight clothes and accessories in action or posed modes set up in a suitable environment. However, fashion photography is also used for self-expression in which case, they can be artistic in nature. The availability of new technology has made it possible for fashion photographers to come up with very inventive photographs.

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Product Photography

The main objective of product photography is to display the product attractively so as to promote its sale value. Such photographs are mostly meant to be published in magazines and catalogues. Products are usually photographed in a studio where the photographer has full control of lighting effects and can arrange the setting to his satisfaction. The goal is to captivate and make the reader want to buy the product. Food photography is also a form of product photography.

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Landscape Photography-Travel

Travel photography is mostly used in tourism brochures and other forms of printed marketing media besides of course, in magazines and guide books. It requires travel of many miles and waiting many hours for the right shot. It is also a fact that the photographer has to make use of more photography equipment when doing travel photography and therefore, many times, because of the time needed to change from one equipment to another, many perfect moments are passed

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